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Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery

Permitted Lithium Batteries

Laptops, mobile phones, cameras and backup batteries etc. whose lithium batteries do not exceed 100Wh may be carried as hand baggage.

Restricted Lithium Batteries

With the approval of the airline, electronic devices with batteries exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh may be carried on board. Each passenger may not carry more than two backup batteries of this type., and they may not be consigned.

Prohibited Lithium Batteries

Bringing on board large batteries or electronic devices with batteries exceeding 160Wh is prohibited.

Protective Measures for Lithium Batteries

Backup batteries must be individually packaged to protect against short circuits (placing them in the original packaging or otherwise insulating the wires, such as taping exposed wires, or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective case).

Consequences of Breaking the Lithium Battery rules

Bringing a prohibited lithium battery onboard in violation of the rules endangers the safety of all passengers and their belongings. Those who do so will be strictly punished and prosecuted.

Mobile power sources (power banks): are considered lithium batteries, the passenger is required to carry them onto the plane as hand baggage. For powerbanks between 100-160Wh, passengers are permitted to carry them after obtaining approval from the airline and are not allowed to use them whilst on the plane; mobile power sources that can be switched on/off, must be switched off for the full duration of the flight. Powerbanks exceeding 160Wh are not permitted in hand baggage or checked baggage.