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Notice on Overbooking, Airline Overbooking Information

Notice on Overbooking

Dear Passengers,

 Air China may occasionally overbook certain flights that are likely to end up with empty seats at the time of departure due to "no-show" passengers. “No-show” passengers are those who need to cancel their travel plans for unexpected reasons and therefore fail to show up at the airport for their flight. Air China hopes to limit last minute vacancies and allow more passengers to get onboard the flight they desire. We will limit overbooking to a reasonable extent and therefore, passengers with confirmed reservation will rarely be denied boarding. If some passengers have to give up their seats on an oversold flight due to denied boarding, we will take the following steps.

I. We will first look for volunteers who are willing to depart at a later time or cancel their travel plans.

II. If there are not enough volunteers, we will board passengers in order of priority.

A. Passenger who has an urgent need to deal with public affairs;

B. Passenger with special needs whose carriage has been approved by Air China and for whom prior arrangement for such carriage has been made by Air China, such as the elder, the sick, the disabled, expectant mother and unaccompanied minor;

C. First Class/Business Class passenger;

D. Air China PhoenixMiles Platinum/Gold member, Star Alliance Gold member;

E. Passenger who has a confirmed reservation on a connecting flight and has a short connecting time for the connecting flight;

F. Air China PhoenixMiles Silver member, Star Alliance Silver member;

G. Passenger who has a special reason (e.g. His/her visa is about to expire).

III. We will provide customer service for passengers who are denied boarding on oversold flights.

A. We will try to arrange the next immediate flight for such passengers;

B. We will give such passengers a refund on their ticket on an involuntary basis with no refund fee charged;

C. We will re-route such passengers on an involuntary basis (If such passengers are put onto another flight, they will get the refund on the fare difference if the fare they have paid is higher than the fare of the flight they are put on, and they don’t have to return the fare difference if the fare they have paid is lower than the fare of the flight they are put on);

D. We will provide free accommodation to passengers whose alternative flight is on the following day.

IV. In addition, Air China will also offer compensations to passengers based on ticket fare, flight distance and the time passengers have to spend waiting for the alternate flight.

A. Conditions for compensation

A. Passengers who qualify or do not qualify for compensation

Volunteers and other passengers who are denied boarding on overbooked flight and meet specified conditions qualify for compensation.

1. Passengers who have confirmed reservation qualify for compensation, including those passengers who hold award ticket obtained with accrued Air China kilometres. Passengers who hold ticket obtained from various award programs or airline employees who hold free or discounted ticket obtained from staff travel programs do not qualify for compensation.

2. Passengers who have checked in for their flight within the specified time frame qualify for compensation.

3. Passengers who are refused carriage by Air China according to Air China General Conditions of Restricted Carriage for Passenger and Baggage on International Flights and Air China General Conditions of Restricted Carriage for Passenger and Baggage on Domestic Flights do not qualify for compensation.

B. Forms of compensation

1. Air China will make compensation in three forms: transportation credit voucher, kilometres and cash.

2. Air China will offer compensation in the form of kilometres only to volunteers and other passengers who hold ticket obtained with accrued Air China kilometres, are denied boarding or are downgraded to a lower class of service.

C. Currency used for compensation

We will use the currency of the country or the region where we pay cash or issue TCV for compensation. We will publicize the information on overbooked flights by posting a notice or by making an announcement over the airport public announcement system in related areas. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.