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About In-flight Duty-Free Shopping

About In-flight Duty-Free Shopping

In-flight duty-free goods are sold onboard Air China's international and regional flights. You can get a good deal on a wide selection of designer items. As your flight could be a very short one and the storage space on aircraft is limited, please accept our apology if your desired item is not available. All goods have a price tag in US dollar. If you want to know the equivalent amount in other currencies, please check with any of our flight attendants. In the pocket on back of the seat in front of you are "Duty-Free Shopping Guide" and "Onboard Shopping Form", which can give you an idea of what we offer.

We accept all major currencies for payment. If the total price you pay for the duty-free goods is between USD 15 and RMB 500, we also accept payment with credit card.

Tel: +86-10-56936848 / 56936846

Time for placing an order: 9:00 to 15:00, Monday to Friday Beijing time, except public holidays.

Address: F1, Building 4, Beijing Air Catering Co., Beijing Capital Airport.

Note: Only orders placed for duty-free goods on scheduled international flights departing from Beijing are accepted. Orders must be placed three days in advance.


1. Only Air China's international and regional flights apply.

2. Only flights mentioned in Air China's Flight Information Bulletin apply.

3. Your must confirm your online order at least 72 hours prior to flight departure.