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Business Class

Business Class
A word of gourmet foods

Air China’s Business Class is intended to make the most discerning business travelers feel special and make their travel easy and pleasant. Imagine having gourmet foods and fine wines for company 12,000 feet high up in the air!

The lingering richness of great foods makes for a delightful sensation. You will be treated to an eclectic mix of both Chinese foods and distinctive culinary specialties from around the world. For dinner, you have at 3 hot dishes to choose from. Our menu is changed on a regular basis to meet the expectations of those who travel frequently.


On flights that last more than an hour and a half, we have a wide range of foods for any of the three mealtimes in a day. For breakfast, we offer western-style bread, butter, salad, hot dishes, fruits, desserts and yogurt as well as Chinese foods like hot porridge; for lunch and supper, we offer at least 3 hot dishes to choose from, coupled with appetizer, bread, butter, salad, soup, dessert, cheese and fruit.

A variety of snacks are available between meals, including seasonal fruits, yogurt and desserts.

Great bottles

Since 2009, we have been offering fine wines of French chateaux. By working with highly acclaimed French wine connoisseurs, we have come up with a wine list that features great bottles selected from over 200 wine brands all over the world. Pick a bottle from our “Cellar in the Sky” and kick back with a glass.

Specific food and wine offerings could differ according to routes and seasons.


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Different selections will be available on different routes and during different seasons. Actual service may vary.