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Economy Class

Economy Class
Healthy gourmet foods

With “meeting customer needs” in mind, we offer healthy, gourmet foods prepared by renowned chefs with carefully selected ingredients, adding extra luster to your travel.

Currently, we have signed agreements with 110 catering companies, including 38 international companies and 72 domestic companies. We select fresh, healthy and safe ingredients, and that process of selection is under the supervision of our professionals. Our culinary offerings have no additives. Our gourmet foods may have different flavors, but they all please palates. Our menus also include the regional flavors which vary according to routes, which means you have the opportunity to be exposed to the culinary cultures of the destinations you travel to.


We offer a variety of main courses. For breakfast, we have tasteful appetizers and hot porridge. For dinner, we have home style meat, chicken and seafood dishes as well as rice or noodles. On short flights, we have snacks like Chinese baked cake and western sandwiches and hamburgers. We also have a good selection of yogurt and fruits for breakfast and dinner.

Specific food offerings could differ according to routes and seasons.


Different selections will be available on different routes and during different seasons. Actual service may vary.