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Drinks Onboard

Unwind with a cup of tea.

Tea drinking is an important part of Chinese culture. On a long flight, just kick back with a cup of tea, with the soothing aroma filling your nostrils.

·Wu Qi Ying Pue’er Tea (Pu’er Tea) · Oolong Tea · Lipton (red tea)
· Dragon Well Tea (green tea) · Jasmine Tea · White Chrysanthemum Tea
· Espresso (First Class only) · Nestle gold · Nestle low caffeine
· Cappuccino
Soft Drinks         
· Evian mineral water (First Class only) · 100ml Tibet glacier mineral water · Lotte 100% fresh orange juice
· Dole juice · Huiyuan apple juice · Dole tomato juice
· Coca Cola · Pepsi Cola · Jianyi low-sugar coke
· 7 · Sprite · Soda water
· Watson’s tonic water · Watson’s ginger ale
Offerings may differ according to routes and seasons.