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Announcement on the Prohibition of Carry-on Liquids for Passengers on Domestic Flights

Announcement on the Prohibition of Carry-on Liquids for Passengers on Domestic Flights

In order to protect the safety of passengers and their property, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has decided to make the following adjustments to measures relating to carry-on liquids for passengers on domestic flights:

1. All passengers traveling on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying on liquids. Liquids may be checked in providing that they are packed in accordance with the relevant civil aviation regulations for carriage.

2. Passengers may carry a small quantity of cosmetics for personal use during travel, limited to one item for each type of cosmetic. Containers for each item must not exceed 100 ml in volume and must placed in a separate bag so that they can be opened for inspection.

3. Passengers from overseas countries transferring to domestic flights at airports within China may only carry duty-free liquid goods into the country in intact, undamaged and sealed transparent plastic bags and must be able to present proof of purchase. These items will also need to undergo security checks before they are carried into the country.

4. During flights, airlines will provide liquid milk products free of charge to passengers traveling with infants if they make an application to the airline when purchasing their ticket. Diabetics and those with other medical conditions who need to carry medicines in liquid form will need to have these items undergo security checks and must be handed over to the crew for safekeeping during the flight.

5. Liquids carried by passengers traveling on international and regional flights remain subject to the relevant regulations found in the “Announcement on Restrictions to Liquids Carried Aboard Civilian Aircraft” issued by the CAAC on March 17, 2007.

6. Passengers shall remain liable for missed flights and any other consequences that result from violation of the above regulations.

This Announcement is effective as of the date of publication.