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Special Meals


Customized Special Meals

“Meeting customer needs” dictates what we do. We provide special meals to babies, children and people who need such meals for health reasons or religious reasons. You can request your special meal at the time of ticket purchase.

Notes on meal reservation:

1) Except for Kosher meal, you can call Air China hotline (+8610) 95583 to reserve special meal at least 24 hours before flight departure.
2) You must make the request for Kosher meal at least 48 hours before flight departure in the same way. Currently, Air China provides Kosher meal only on selected international routes.
3) Only breakfast, lunch and dinner can be reserved. Each passenger can only request a helping (helpings) of special meal for one person on a flight segment (except baby meal).
4) In case of flight delay, cancellation or rescheduling, meal reservations could be affected.
5) If you request any special meal other than those we have specified, you are expected to provide a precise, detailed and clear description of the meal you request so that our service agent can enter the information correctly into the system and our catering service supplier can prepare the meal based on your needs.
Routes where Kosher meals are not provided for the time being:
All domestic flights (including international flights, domestic) departing from Saipan, Sapporo, Sendai, South Korea, Jakarta, India, Karachi, Australia and Yekaterinburg.

Types of Special Meal

  • Child meal 
  • Baby meal 
  • Health meal 
  • Vegetarian meal 
  • Religious meal (Non-vegetarian) 

Bland meal (BLML):

This meal includes low fat and low fiber foods. It does not include fried foods, black pepper, strong vegetables and condiments, mustard, pickles, garlic, nuts, and drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. It is Suitable for passengers with gastrointestinal issues or mild dietary requirements.

Low-sugar meals(DBML):

Dishes contain low-sugar foods suitable for diabetics and passengers on a low-sugar diet.

Fruit platter meal(FPML):

This meal contains only fruits, including fresh fruit, fruit compote and fruit desserts.

Gluten intolerant meal(GFML):

This meal is prepared for passengers who are allergic or intolerant to gluten (gluten is a protein contained in wheat, barley, oats, and rye). Breads, sauces, custards, cakes, chocolates, crackers, cereals, and related products are strictly excluded.

Low calorie meal(LCML):

This meal contains lean meat, low-fat dairy products and high-fiber foods. Sugars, creams, sauces, mayonnaise and fatty foods, are excluded.

Seafood meal(SFML):

This meal is specially designed for passengers who enjoy seafood, and includes one or more kinds of seafood. It does not contain any meat products.

Low fat meal/Low cholesterol diet(LFML):

This meal is intended for passengers who need to reduce their fat intake. It does not contain fried foods, fatty meats, dairy products, processed foods, gravy, offal, shellfish, egg yolks, or baked goods.

Low salt meal(LSML):

This meal contains low levels of sodium. Suitable for passengers with hypertension, anuria, kidney disease and low-sodium diets.

Low lactose meal(NLML):

The meal does not contain any lactose, dairy or related products like cheese, dairy, yogurt, butter, artificial meat products, cake, cookies, cream desserts, pudding, mashed potatoes, toffee, and chocolate.

Vegetarian raw meal(RVML):

This meal contains raw fruits and vegetables and does not contain any animal protein.